Addressing interoperability issues in factories using SECS/GEM and OPC-UA

December 2020
Demo bridge SECS/GEM OPC-UA with simulated equipment

This video presents the work we have done on the interoperability between SECS/GEM and OPC-UA using an information model based on a research paper that we have designed together with CEA List with the support of european project Productive 4.0

In the demo, we demonstrate the connection of a semi-conductor process equipment talking SECS/GEM (standardized by SEMI) to a MES talking OPC-UA (standardized within OPC Foundation).

This is done in a generic way based on a information model derived from E5 SECS-II as described in the following paper jointly written with CEA List:


The use case in the demonstration shows:

  • Polling of multiple variables for data collection on process data like temperature and pressure
  • Sending remote commands to equipment from the MES: RCMD PP-Select to select the process recipe to execute and RCMD Start
  • Receiving collection events sent by the equipment to the MES on event occurence on the tool (like a door is opened, a recipe start or stop,...) with associated data grouped in reports defined using dynamic event report configuration

Implementation has been done using Agil'GEM - SECS/GEM driver and official OPC UA .NET Standard Stack from the OPC Foundation

Agileo automation

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