OPC UA Trainings

OPC UA trainings designed and delivered by a certified expert.

Industrial interoperability secure standard

OPC UA (Open Platform Communications - Unified Architecture) is a service oriented architecture introduced in 2008, aiming to facilitate the exchange of information between industrial systems. 

OPC UA enables platform-independent data communication.

Agileo Automation, member and active participant in several working groups of OPC Foundation, offers a professional training on OPC UA, delivered by certified experts of the Foundation. 


This workshop, which covers OPC UA concepts, design and information modeling, is intended for a technical or technical sales audience as it requires modeling and OOP skills. It is organized as follows:

Day 1

  • Introduction to OPC Foundation and OPC UA 
  • Concepts of address space in OPC UA 
  • OPC UA object model: notions of nodes and references 
  • OPC UA metamodel and nodes classes
  • References in OPC UA 
  • Data Typing concepts in OPC UA 
  • Information modeling 
  • Practice: defining a custom information model
  • Services in OPC UA (read, write, call...)
  • State machines in OPC UA 

Day 2

  • Data access in OPC UA 
  • Events in OPC UA 
  • Alarms and conditions in OPC UA 
  • Practice: single-server development in OPC UA  
  • Practice: connecting OPC UA servers to generic OPC UA clients  
  • Dictionary references for interoperability
  • Conformance for interoperability: profiles and conformance units
  • Companion specifications in OPC UA
  • Practice: conformance to companion specifications
  • Benefits of OPC Foundation membership

Key points

Practice: This training includes a theoretical approach as well as hands-on exercises to get the client up and running with OPC UA.

Customized learning: This training can be slightly adapted to the needs and area of expertise of the customer. The examples, exercises and materials used in the training can be customized. 


This training is designed and delivered by a certified OPC UA expert, allowing the client to discover the subject through his knowledge and experience. 

It benefits from the support and vision of the expert, who is at the client's disposal to exchange at the slightest interrogation to ensure a good understanding. 


The training is conducted in English or French (with English educational materials) and can be arranged either at our offices or at the client's site. 


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