SECS-II emulator for Host or Equipement

SECS-II emulator for Host or Equipement

Emulate the Fab Host to validate your SECS/GEM tool scenarios before shipping your equipment.


  • Receive and Send any SECS-II compliant message (including E40, E94, E87,…)
  • Create your own messages in SMN
  • Use data to parameterize your messages
  • Associate different sessions to different kind of tools
  • Use transparently Serial or Ethernet communication
  • Use several communication configuration
  • Provide logs in SMN (E173) SEMI standard to your customers prior to tool shipment
  • Log CEIDs with a meaningful name
  • Emulate Host or Equipment with one software

Technical details:

  • Native .Net application
  • Based on Agileo Automation’s field-proven SECS-II drivers
  • Run on Microsoft® Windows® 7 x86 and x64, Microsoft® Windows® 10 x64
  • Supports E4 SECS-I (serial protocol), E37 HSMS-SS (ethernet protocol), E5 SECS-II, E173 XML SECS-II Message Notation

Agileo automation

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