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Site overview

Main logo

On all pages, the Agileo Automation logo displayed in the banner allows you to return to the home page of with a single click.

Main menu

The main menu located in the banner at the top allows you to access the main sections and pages of the site. This menu is accessible by mouse, keyboard and finger for touch screens.

Secondary menu

Once in a section, the other sections appear in a pane on the left side on which you can move. These items are accessible by mouse, keyboard and finger for touch screens.

Footer menu

The footer menu allows you to access the main sections of the site as well as the legal notice and site map pages.

Site map

On all the pages of the site, a site map is accessible via a link in the footer menu. This site map allows you to have an overall view of the tree structure of the site and to directly access the page or section of your choice.

Enlargement of the font size

On all the pages of the site, you have the possibility to enlarge the size of the characters. If you are on a PC, use the key combination Ctrl + « + » (the « plus » key on the numeric keypad) to increase the font size. Use Ctrl + « - » (the « minus » key on the numeric keypad) to reduce the font size. Pressing these keys successively will increase or decrease the font size in increments. The key combination Ctrl + 0 (the number « zero ») returns you to the default text size.

For Mac users, replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key in the above combinations to perform the same actions.

The combination Ctrl + « scroll wheel » also allows you to perform this zoom in or zoom out.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation is accessible on all pages. Press the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate successively from one clickable element to another in the page, in reading order. If you want to go backwards in the reverse reading direction, use the Shift + Tab key combination.


To print any page of the site, go to the desired page, then press Ctrl + P on your keyboard if you are on a PC, or Cmd + P if you are on a Mac.


To bookmark a page, navigate to the page you want to bookmark, then press Ctrl + D on your keyboard if you are on a PC, Cmd + D if you are on a Mac.

PDF documents

Agileo Automation offers PDF documents for download.

Image description

In order to facilitate the understanding of the images, a narrative description has been set up.

Contact us

If you wish to inform us of problems related to accessibility of this website, you can contact us:

  • by e-mail, at the following address:
  • by phone: +33 5 49 49 61 79
  • by regular mail, you can write to us at the following address:

     Agileo Automation
     11 Rue Victor Grignard
     86000 POITIERS - France

Agileo automation

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