PLC programming

Development of PLC software for different domains and different brands of programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Our skills

To date we have worked with IFM, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Wago.

We also work on the supervision by realizing the graphical user interface using the software environments of our customers often linked to PLCs.

Either we use our customers' programming standards or we implement, when necessary, a programming standard allowing a good architecture of the PLC software and especially a good diagnosis in case of faults.

We use simulation tools as much as possible in order to be able to test the PLC software without having a machine available.

Structured Text (ST) and Function Blocks (SFC) are used as our first choice but we also use Contact or Ladder language when required.

Field of application

Projects are in various fields such as:

  • Mobile machines:
    • Drilling machines for civil engineering
    • Rail/road machines for the maintenance of railway lines
    • Machines for transporting products such as pallet trucks
    • Boat elevator for a port
    • Parade cart for an entertainment park
  • Production machinery:
    • Leak testing machines for eye-drops bottles
    • Methanizer to transform waste
  • Machines for dewatering sludge for civil engineering
  • Automatic payment machine for credit cards, bills, coins for car washes
Agileo automation

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