Electronics and micro-electronics convergence

The miniaturization of electronics is a driver of the electronics market with IoT (Internet of Things) that leads to embed electronics systems in almost every object. Meanwhile, the semiconductor industry is always pushing the limits of the Moore's law ahead.

The manufacturing value chain is traditionally based on 3 quite distinct activities:

  1. Semiconductor front-end manufacturing focusing on manufacturing the chip on a wafer with the main process being the photolithography
  2. Semiconductor back-end manufacturing addressing the chip packaging
  3. Electronics manufacturing (PCB manufacturing, placement of components, tests,...)

This value chain is now increasingly integrated with some new activities like Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) and 3D stacking that break the logical division of activities in this value chain.

In addition traditional electronics manufacturing is also facing the Industry 4.0 challenges that includes interoperability.

Our experience

We have developed several projects for electronics manufacturing:

  • SECS/GEM connectivity for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) tools
  • SECS/GEM connectivity for photolithography tools for PCBs
  • User interface development for flip chip die bonders
  • SECS/GEM connectivity for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

These projects have been commissioned in laboratories and factories worldwide.

Dedicated products

Agileo Automation has capitalized on its diversified experience to develop software products that enable electronics OEMs to :

  • Be in the right "time to market".
  • Reduce their software development effort
  • Focus on their core business

We propose field-proven products for the electronics industry:

  • Agil'GEM: a SECS/GEM library to connect equipment to the Fab IT system (Host or MES)
  • Speech Scenario: a Host or Equipment emulator to validate SECS/GEM communication before delivery
  • A²ECF Semi: A software framework to develop applications controlling tools ranging from standalone process modules to complex cluster tools with multiple process modules and robotics. It also provides SECS/GEM connectivity.
Agileo automation

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