Software development

Software development is our core business. We develop software for industrial applications

Our skills

We can develop:

Attentive to customer needs, we rely on a methodology to industrialize our developments and provide quality software.

We mainly use Microsoft technologies and the .NET framework (C# or VB.NET languages) and we also carry out developments using other environments and languages such as C++, Intouch, LabVIEW.

Fields of application

Our experience of more than 15 years, has led us to work on many application areas on large scale projects such as software:

  • control and connectivity of "cluster tool" type production machines for the semiconductor industry
  • control and connectivity of drilling/riveting machines in the manufacture of aeronautical parts
  • piloting and management of training for surgeons in the medical field
  • for piloting a material resistance test bench
  • ...

Large-scale projects

We are used to working on large projects ranging from a few weeks of development to several years x men.

The A²ECF framework, which we are developing internally, represents a major IT project whose evolution we have been managing since 2004.

Often our projects are based on all or part of the A²ECF framework because it has multiple advantages:

  • The architecture is field-proven and tested
  • A large amount of functions are already fulfilled and validated in the field
  • Developers are used to developing in this environment and are more efficient.
  • The schedule is better controlled
  • We are in a position to commit ourselves more easily to the cost and the deadline
Agileo automation

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