Software for sorters : wafer identification and transfer

Software for sorters : wafer identification and transfer

A complete software to control wafer sorters

Main features:

  • Software for 200mm or 300mm wafer sorters
  • Hardware options: 1 to 4 Load ports, 1 robot, 1 to 2 aligners, 1 to 2 Wafer ID Readers (Cognex), E-84 with dedicated electronic cards.
  • Must be adapted according to the OEM's communication hardware interface and specific functionalities
  • Can be put in OEM colours
  • Based on A²ECF SEMI

Additional features:

  • User interface for operator including:
    • Tool status with wafer mapping and scribe read results
    • Login with user access
    • Ready to be translated
  • Process program configuration for sorters with :
    • User-defined sorting at execution
    • User-defined sorting at configuration
    • Sorting by wafer id
    • Pre-defined sorting algorithms
  • Jobs and high throughput wafer scheduler with :
    • Process program execution
    • Local user control or Remote control from the MES

Agil'Sorter software for sorter tool with 4 load ports and 4 FOUPs

  • SECS/GEM interface (SEMI E37, E5, E30)
  • GEM300 (SEMI E39, E90, E40, E94, E87) option with third-party library CIM300® from Cimetrix
  • Communication with hardware (to be specialized)
  • Maintenance Mode with On-Line/Off-Line Diagnostics
  • Software and Hardware configuration
  • Simulator for software maintenance, pre-integration of factory connectivity and customer demonstrations
  • Documentation:
    • User Manual
    • Automation (SECS/GEM or GEM300) interface description
  • Run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 x86 or x64

Agileo automation

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