Consulting SECS/GEM and GEM300

Support in answering RFQs, SECS/GEM interface specification, taking part in technical exchanges with your customers.

A proven approach

We will help you to specify the SECS/GEM interface of your machine, taking into account your machine range and not just your first project.

We seek to define the perimeter necessary for a good machine control without over-quality. We seek to support only the standards useful to the equipment and the factory to ensure good interoperability.

We organize the necessary meetings with all the stakeholders as early as possible in the project to make sure that the interface delivered corresponds to the expectations of the fabs that will use it.


We deliver:

  • SECS/GEM documentation
  • The equipment data dictionary in SEDD and Excel format
  • Operational scenarios

A solid expertise

We have commissioned machines in most of the world's semiconductor fabs (United States, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Japan, ...). This allows us to know the specific requests of these fabs in their Request For Quotation (RFQ) and probably to have answered these RFQs in a previous project.

Olivier TIL, associate of Agileo Automation, started the world's first 300mm sorter with GEM300 standards in a factory in the United States almost 20 years ago. He had previously participated in the development of the GEM300 standards (E39, E87, E40, E94). He has also been involved in the specification of the SECS/GEM interface and/or the commissioning of machines in South Korea, Taiwan, Austria and Germany. Olivier can also bring its expertise for EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition or Interface-A) standards

Marc ENGEL, also associate of Agileo Automation, has been involved in SECS/GEM and GEM300 interface specification and/or machine commissioning in France, Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan and the United States.

Agileo automation

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