Research & Development

Preparing for the future

R&D is a major activity to prepare the future of our solutions. We develop this activity both internally, within the framework of collaborative projects and by participating in our customers' R&D projects.

This work allows us to enrich our A²ECF framework offer as well as our expertise.

Research areas

We are continuously developing our skills in our areas of expertise and preparing to meet the challenges of the future for our customers:


  • ​​​Industry 4.0
  • OPC UA
  • SEMI Standards
  • Digital Twins
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • MDE: Model Driven Engineering
  • Software Framework patterns
  • Advanced manufacturing or Closed-loop manufacturing


The challenges we face are :

  • Interoperability
  • Green manufacturing
  • Performance optimization
  • Portability of solutions in varying industrial domains (standards, techniques) 
  • Workflow scheduling

R&D objectifs

Interoperability and standardization

We participate in numerous working groups for the standardization of exchanges between machines and computer systems in factories:

  • OPC UA within OPC Foundation
    • I4AAS working group
    • Machine Tools (UMATI) working group
    • UA for Machinery working group
    • Asset management working group (Co-editor)
    • Harmonization working group
    • OPC UA Core working group
  • Within SEMI
    • Contribution in the development of SEMI standards
    • GEM300 Task Force
    • Trainings on the SEMI Standards

Collaborative projects

  •  Productive 4.0
    • Worked on the assessment of OPC UA for semiconductor domain
    • ESCEL-JU Project H2020
    • Proof of concepts & demos prepared for the project
    • Publications in IEEE Conferences
    • Developed an OPC UA gateway for a collaborative robot that could communicate in Modbus. Solution integrated with Siemens MindSphere.
    • EIT Digital project

We collaborate with many partners

Scientific publications

We regularly publish articles in international conferences about our work:

Agileo automation

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