Control & Connectivity for robotized production machines

Control & Connectivity for robotized production machines

A²ECF Industry is an Industrial Automation Framework to develop control software for automated and robotized production tools and connect them to the factory.

 A²ECF Industry is your Tool Operating System

Develop control applications for your production tools

  • Connect your tools, your PLC, your electronic boards
  • Integrate a loading robot or one participating into the process
  • Integrate peripheral devices (vision, measurement, RFID readers,…
  • Propose a unique and professional graphical user interface
  • Propose a sequencer with scripting capabilities to chain commands
  • Integrate your workflows and your business logic

Connect your machines to the IT of the factory

  • Produce and Control directly from the digital design
  • Measure the process
  • Trace products

Increase your productivity and your reactivity

  • Simulate your tool before mechanical assembling
  • Assess your tool performance
  • Diagnose failures remotely
  • Capitalize on your developments
  • Develop your tool software based on a field proven architecture
  • Reduce your time to market
 AGILEO A2ECF semi conducteur

A²ECF Industry is used for a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Machines of drilling/riveting of aeronautical parts in France and overseas.
  • Machine of in line NDT control (Non-Destructive Testing) for the machining of parts on CNC machine-tools
  • Strength of materials testing machines for laboratories, production line tests
  • Dielectric rigidity test bench
  • Surgical environment simulation machine deployed in several hospitals

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