Extended connectivity for GEM300 automation

Extended connectivity for GEM300 automation

Agil'GEM300 is a complete .NET/C# solution for GEM300 connectivity. It handles the complexity of GEM300 automation and provides a simple interface to connect a semiconductor equipment controller application to the factory host.

GEM300 services:

  • Management of Carriers and Load Ports
    • Carrier ID Verification
    • Slot Map Verification
    • Both manually and through OHT 
  • Management of Process Jobs
  • Management of Control Jobs 
  • Tracking substrates in the equipment with Substrate ID verification 
  • Tracking of Equipment Performance 
  • Management of Module Performance 
  • Collaboration between standards managed by Agil’GEM300 with minimal integrator interaction 
  • Include Agil'GEM 

SEMI standards :

SEMI standards supported in Agil'GEM300:

  • SEMI E-87 - Carrier Management
    • Fixed buffer
    • Internal buffer 
  • SEMI E-40 - Processing Managment 
  • SEMI E-94 - Control Job Management 
    • Material redirection
  • SEMI E-90 - Substrate Tracking
    • Single substrate tracking 
    • Batch tracking 
  • SEMI E-116 - Equipment Performance Tracking
  • SEMI E-157 - Module Process Tracking 
  • SEMI E-39 - Object Services 
  • SEMI E-30 - GEM​​​​​​
  • SEMI E4 - SECS-I (serial protocol)
  • SEMI E37.1 - HSMS-SS (ethernet protocol)
  • SEMI E5 - SECS-II (message format)
Architecture and standards Agil'GEM300

Key aspects

  • Agil'GEM300 ensures the possibility of using the SEMI Standard with a .NET application as Equipment Controller. This is written and published in a comprehensive C# interface
  • The Agil'GEM300 library is based on our SECS/GEM Agil'GEM library and integrates all its functionalities, which is essential to manage communication between the Host (MES) and the Equipment Controller by using the SEMI standards 
  • High message throughput
  • Native integration between A²ECF-SEMI and Agil'GEM300. The time and workload required to develop a GEM300-compliant equipment software are significantly reduced through A²ECF-SEMI


  • Being in the right "time to market". Customer equipment can be brought into Fabs sooner
  • Reducing software investment and focusing on core business. The customer can adopt an existing software solution, freeing up time and resources to focus on their core activity
  • Field proven products. The Agil'GEM library is present worldwide, it is used in more than 50 Fabs 
  • Increasing the maintainability of the Equipment Controller. Our products are constantly evolving. As they are implemented in many different Fabs and configurations, they are regularly tested and updated 


Agileo Automation provides its customers a documentation including a developer's guide that explains the different steps of Agil'GEM300 integration process.

This guide is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Environment preparation
    •      Project creation and library integration
    •      Instantiation of the GEM300's environment 
  • Communication
  • Operational scenarios
    •      Introduction to Carrier and Jobs management
    •      Carriers Management: Agil'GEM300 E87 Integration guideline
    •      Jobs Management: Agil'GEM300 E40 and E94 Integration guidelines
    •      Substrate Tracking: Agil'GEM300 E90 Integration guideline

The guide also includes a presentation of the Agileo Agil'GEM300 Tester Tool, which allows the user to test and observe the implementation of each functionality of the Agil'GEM300 components. It can also be connected directly to a host or to a simulator such as Speech Scenario (a GEM300 test plan is provided with Speech Scenario).

Agil'GEM300 tester tool - E87 example


At Agileo Automation, we make it a priority to stay by our clients' side to ensure a good understanding of the GEM300 standard and to make sure that its integration takes place in the best possible conditions. We provide a product but also a support, our engineers are ready to answer any question that may arise throughout the project.


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