Robotic Control, Scheduling and Connectivity of Semiconductor Cluster Tool

Robotic Control, Scheduling and Connectivity of Semiconductor Cluster Tool

A²ECF Semi is a software framework for process or metrology equipment control including EFEM (robotics loading platform) management.

 A²ECF Semi is intended for equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor, electronics or photovoltaic industries.

Higly customizable, this SEMI E95 compliant framework proposes a standardized way to present user interface for semiconductor applications:

  • Multiuser management with access rights (operator, process engineer, field service engineer for example)
  • Automatic trace generation with tools to analyze equipment activity
  • Operator actions recording
  • EFEM devices management such as (contact us for list of supported devices):
    • Wafer handlers with one or dual arms
    • Pre-aligners
    • Load Ports and FOUP Openers
    • Scribe readers
  • Schedulers for wafer flow sequencing
  • Data collection to the Fab Host and Remote control through SECS/GEM and PV2 interface library Agil'GEM or GEM300 (GEM + 300mm automation standards including in particular Carrier Management, Process Job, Control Job and Substrate Tracking through the integration of CIM300 from Cimetrix)


A²ECF SEMI can be integrated either by your team after training, or by Agileo Automation team, or both.

Most of the time when we take care of the development, we create the first application based on the basis of specifications that we can write together during a consulting phase. In this case, we are able to commit to a budget and a timeframe up to the tool acceptance at your customer's site, including SECS/GEM connectivity. Developments are carried out using our methodology in order to ensure the expected quality and meet deadlines.

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