Release Framework A²ECF 10

Release Framework A²ECF 10


Release Framework A²ECF 10

We are thrilled to announce the release of A²ECF framework 10.

Agileo Automation Equipment Controller Framework (A²ECF) is designed  for the development of equipment controller software for production tools with  robotics platforms by establishing communication with the MES and/or the PLM.
A²ECF framework is particularly adapted for  the family of tools (systems) made of  a single or multiple sub-systems (like robots, process modules, metrology modules, etc.). Depending on the diversity of the tool family, applications based on A²ECF can control different tool types from standalone tools to complex cluster tools.

For Agileo Automation’s 10th Birthday, this new version is a major release  that focuses on improving control and feedback on the process and increasing  A²ECF architecture. 

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