Ready for EDA integration on semi-conductor process tools.

Ready for EDA integration on semi-conductor process tools.


Ready for EDA integration on semi-conductor process tools.

Our team was this month at Cimetrix, our partner for 300mm automation and EDA.

Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA also known as Interface-A) SEMI standards are becoming increasingly popular in the semi-conductor industry and more and more mandatory in Requests For Quotation (RFQ) automation specifications for semi-conductor process tools. To assist our customers in implementing this new equipment interface in parallel to SECS/GEM interface, three of our team members went to Cimetrix in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a week of training on CIMPortal™ in February.

It was the occasion to have both a theoretical introduction and a hands-on approach with some future integration projects with our A²ECF software framework.

We are all very excited at Agileo Automation to get involved in those new integration use cases. Having big equipment data available at all levels will surely reduce the gap between OEMs and process engineers in the fab with objectives to have a process under control for each equipment run with optimized recipe parameters.

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